How To Approach Women With Confidence

How to approach women with confidence is something that only a few guys can do properly. One of the most common things that guys tend to do whenever they approach women is they over complicate it. They think that there’s something magical or special that you need to do but there isn’t. It’s really very simple.

The first thing that you need to do when you approach women is smile.

It’s so simple but smiling says so much. First of all you smile when you are happy. You smile when you are confident. You can’t smile when you are feeling insecure. When you smile you look more attractive and when you smile you look more approachable and more confident. The other aspect to smiling is that it is harder to reject openly or turn down a guy who’s smiling. If you make a point to smile when you approach women you will find that your rejection rate will decrease dramatically.

In order to approach women properly you need to walk over.

How to approach women with confidenceThe next thing that you want to do of course is that you want to walk over to the woman. Now when I say walk over, I don’t mean slowly amble in her general direction as though you are marching to your doom and I don’t mean walk over near her and then pretend to notice her at the last minute. What I mean is I want you to make a straight line for her. When you see a girl you want to talk to and walk straight over, it says so much about you. It shows that you are confident. It displays confidence which I have said already in past articles as the most attractive trait a man can have because it shows that you have the balls to walk straight over there. You can spot her and walk straight up to her and say hey! How are you doing? I noticed you over there and came straight over to say hello. This says so much and women respond to that.

Make eye contact as you approach women.

Now you’ve made a straight line for the woman and you are right in front of her, How To Approach Women With Confidenceyou need to make eye contact. Eye contact as a tool to approach women is so powerful – you can hold her attention with your eye contact you just need to look at her directly in the eyes and say Hey! how’s your night going? It’s that easy! Mostly what I see is that guys who feel that a woman is too far above them socially speaking, they tend to look down a lot when they approach women. They hold very poor eye contact. It’s human nature when we’re around someone who we view to be far above us. No woman wants to be around a man who feels that he is far below her. That is not what women want to see. The powerful eye contact commands attention and it shows your confidence, your high-value and high self-esteem that you have for yourself.

A strong opener is a must to approach women effectively

How To Approach Women With ConfidenceSo you’ve smiled, you’ve walked straight over there, you have this great eye contact. When you approach women, do not ruin it by having an opener that is quiet and weak. You don’t want to walk over there and go (speaking softly) hey guys how’s your night going? You’ll ruin it all and she will most likely ignore you if you do that you need to walk over there and be loud and be confident when you say hey guys, how’s it going! As a woman you can’t ignore that. You can’t pretend that the guy isn’t there and you pay attention. For the man it shows that you are confident that you aren’t ashamed of being there approaching her. Lastly, guys always ask me well I’ve done all that what do I say? Which is a good question because there is no point making all that effort to approach a woman only to find out that you do not know what to say to her. There are lots of materials out there for learning what to say to women, however two that I find outstanding and will recommend to anyone any day are Mehow’s “3 second attraction” and “make small talk sexy”. You can get either through the link following links:

To get 3 Second Attraction go here: The A to Z of pickup.

To get Make small talk sexy go here: Things to say to attract women.

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