How To Ask A Girl For Her Phone Number

!how to ask for a girls numberAsking for a girl’s phone number can be nerve racking for some guys. Also a lot of guys do it the wrong way. Here are some quick tips to make getting a girl’s phone number easy. Use these and you will find that you become a lot more effective.

1. First things first, don’t be a pussy about it and man up.

If you’re feeling shy or nervous when it comes to getting her phone number you will communicate this through your body language. The solution? For now, fake it till you make it. Fake confident body language. Secondly, it is normal for a man to be asking for a phone number from a woman. Don’t worry she is accustomed to it. She has probably had more guys ask for her phone number than the amount of girls you’ve ever talked to in your whole life. Don’t stress about it.

2. Have a pretext for asking for her phone number.

When you’re in a conversation say something along the lines of “I have to go soon, we should talk later, what’s your phone number?”. Be smooth. Don’t just say “what’s your phone number?” out of the blue. I’m not saying that it won’t work but it could come off a little strange. Remember, it’s normal to ask for her number. You are just being social.

3. Don’t be kissing ass and don’t beg for it.

What I mean here is don’t say things like “May I please get your phone number?” or “Could I get your number?”. This just reeks of desperation and makes women run. Trust me on this. Something like “What’s your number? We should talk later” is MUCH better.

4. Talk to her for 5 more minutes after you get her number.

This establishes that you actually want to talk to her and that is why you are getting her number. In her mind it shows that you’re not just there to get her number for the sake of getting the digits.
If you consider yourself a bit more advanced and you were like “duh” to my last four points then the next few tips may be just what you need to take your game to the next level.

5. Make sure she puts your name in her phone number.

It will establish you as a real person to her and not just some random phone number that pops up when you text or call her. Some girls get calls and text messages from random unknown phone numbers all the time. These more often than not go unanswered. It doesn’t have to be your real name. You could make a joke out of it and make her enter something like “sxc Joe” as your name. This is good as she will be a lot more likely to remember you.

6. Text her soon after meeting her.

It can be something simple like “Good to meet you, talk later on”. This establishes the frame that you are both texting back and forth. It’s a way to transition the interaction from meeting and getting her number to texting on the phone.

7. Don’t get upset or butt hurt if she doesn’t give you her number.

It’s probably not you. She may be seeing someone or not ready to start something new. If some guy asked your girlfriend for her number you would expect her to say no, right? Of course you would, so respect that. Whatever the reason, don’t be too hard on yourself. There are many fish in the sea. Go out and meet more women.

Just to sum up, remember that getting her number is no big deal. You’re a man and she’s a woman. It’s fine. Practice makes perfect so go out there a get some numbers.
Getting a girl’s phone number is just the beginning. If you want a deeper understanding of “game” I would suggest you watch take a look at this video!