How To Overcome Approach Anxiety

Destroy approach anxiety and master how to pick up girls

How to overcome Approach AnxietyApproach anxiety is the number one factor why many guys find it difficult to master how to pick up girls. If you are terrified to approach women, there is no way that you will have the ability to attract one into your life. For that reason if you want to master how to pick up women, the number one thing that you have to learn is how to get rid of approach anxiety. In this particular article, I will provide tips and technique to help any guy destroy approach anxiety once and for all and be at ease when it comes to approaching women.

Why men feel approach anxiety

The main reason why guys surfer from pua approach anxiety is that they care too much about the outcome. They dread being rejected and they place an excessive amount of importance on being accepted or rejected by a woman. The simple truth is that there are millions of women on this planet and getting turned down by one shouldn’t mean much. Always remember that the woman you are approaching does not know much about you.

When you approach a girl and get turned down, it doesn’t mean that you are inadequate and it does not even mean that the woman didn’t like you. Do you know that many women will reject a man out of an auto-pilot response? Beautiful girls are usually so used to being approached by incompetent seducers on a daily basis that they generally presume that you are one of these guys.

Develop the right mindset and you will get rid of approach anxiety

The first step in finding out how to overcome approach anxiety is to develop the proper frame of mind. The frame of mind that a man has when approaching a girl is very important. You should have a playful state of mind and focus on having a great time instead of concentrating your mind on how to get her into your bed. You must be more focused on enjoying the interaction rather than thinking about how gorgeous the girl is. When you have a playful mentality and your goal is to have fun, all of your approaches are going to be easier and you will be contented so long as you had pleasure in the process.

For many guys, defeating approach anxiety normally takes time and in many cases the only strategy to seriously eradicate it is by getting turned down so many times that you simply end up being numb to it. That is the most powerful way to get rid of approach anxiety when approaching women. I realize this may sound brutal, nonetheless that is the way it is. The more you get rejected, the less you will feel awful about it. When you have lived through it before, you will live through it all again. The biggest challenge with men is the fact that they dream and idolise the girls that they are about to approach long before they go up to the girl. They develop excessive expectancy and they psyche themselves into not even going up to woman as a consequence they don’t shatter their fantasy.

You need to have basically no expectancy before going up to a woman except that you are going to have fun and have a pleasant conversation. Secondly, you must never attribute a lot of importance to a girl by virtue of her physical appearance. Physiological beauty does not make her any better or worse than you.

Nothing bad will happen to you for approaching a woman

You also have to realize that absolutely nothing terrible will happen to you when you approach a girl, irrespective of how well or bad the interaction goes. The worst thing that will happen is that the woman acts obnoxious or simply ignores you. Either way, you will live. Even when a girl doesn’t want you, she’ll usually be well-mannered about it. So do not make up nightmare scenarios in your head of the horrible things that can take place when you approach a woman, the outcome will normally be far better than what you have envisioned.

Getting rid of approach anxiety is the most important factor that you will want to deal with if you want to become good at seducing women. If you want to learn how to pick up girls, you will have to be proactive and practice approaching women till you get it down. However, do not forget that being rejected by a woman isn’t the end of the world. Rejection is essentially an opportunity to educate yourself. When you stop being sensitive to getting turned down, you will become more confident and more successful with women.

One of the best ways to get over approach anxiety is to learn how to approach women properly. The reason is that amongst other things, women most of the time reject men because of wrong approaching technique. Moreover if you have the right skills to pick up women and know that even if a particular pick up attempt doesn’t go well you still can make it count with the next woman you meet, then you are less likely to worry about the outcome of this one approach. To help you get started on your way to becoming a pick up master, I will recommend that you check out Mehow’s 3 second sexual attraction programme. It is an excellent material for pick up and seduction.

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Top 5 Places To Meet Women

Meet womenSo, you’re looking to get a girlfriend eh? Fret not, I have the top five spots to meet women. Some are pretty obvious, but they are all perfect places to meet women and connect with the next lady of your dreams.

1. One can meet women at the Supermarket

Bet you didn’t think of this one right away! The market is a prime location to meet girls. What do women do? They shop. So it only makes sense to find them at the local grocery. Another advantage is that most women don’t get all dolled up just to pick up milk and eggs, so you get to see what they look like in their natural state. Take a peek into her cart and find something in common: “Oh, I was thinking of trying those new chips, how did you like them?” Too easy!

2. Weddings are also good for meeting women

Duh! Every unattached woman there is going to be all emotional and a little bit jealous because ANOTHER one of her friends got married and she didn’t. This is perfect for YOU because you don’t have to work too hard to get her attention. You’ll already be in snazzy attire and pretty well groomed (I hope, it’s a wedding bro) so all you have to do is go up to her and say, “I hope MY wedding is this nice one day.” Boom! Lets her know you aren’t afraid of commitment. Women love that stuff.

3. Dance Classes are perfect places to meet women

Another good place to meet women and pickup girls is your average dance class. I know, I know, you aren’t a dancer. You have two left feet and an eleventh toe. That’s the POINT. Women like the clumsy man. They think it’s cute and they want to fix us. So if you sign up for that salsa class and come out looking like a fool, she’ll see you aren’t afraid to be vulnerable and try new things. Aww. On the other hand, if you are a great dancer, she’ll think you’re great at something else…how’s that for men’s dating tips?

4. You can as well meet women at the Beach

This one doesn’t need much explanation does it? Probably one of the greatest places to meet and attract women in the history of doing so, the beach gives you “ample” opportunity to survey the landscape before buying the house. You have to be careful though, it’s very easy to look like a creep on the beach. Your best bet is to make sure your body is up to par before staring down anyone else. When you have a six-pack, the ladies seem to mind a little less.

5. There is always the club

The good ol’ standby. Everyone knows that the club can have some pretty interesting and good-looking women. It can have a few train wrecks too though, and you want to steer clear of those. Clubs can be hit and miss when you want to meet women. Stay away from the girls who’ve had too much to drink or who are dancing with EVERY guy in the place. It just never turns out well and there probably isn’t much long-term potential.

So there you go! Follow these tips and you’ll have a lady in no time!