How to attract womenIt is a well-known fact that most men do not know how to meet women, where to pick up girls and worse still how to talk to women. This leads to a life of frustration and agonising because they simply don’t have the skills to approach, attract and seduce beautiful girls. The sad truth is that this is one of the easiest goals for any man to achieve. Pick up is a skill set and like any skill set, it can be learned and mastered. Even if your goal is to become a pick up artist you can achieve that given the right tools and techniques. is a blog created to help guys of any age, nationality or physical appearance develop or improve their ability to get girls in almost any situation. On this site you will find some free step by step guide to help you learn how to attract and seduce more women than you know what to do with. We share useful techniques and methods that will help you master the art of pick up.

A large number of men, on a daily basis, fail to approach women that they find attractive either because they are afraid of being rejected or they don’t know how to talk to beautiful women. In addition, many guys spend their life walking past obviously perfect opportunities to pick up girls due to deep seated feelings of inadequacy developed through centuries of social conditioning.

If you don’t know how to meet women and you don’t know where or how how to approach womenyou are going to get a girl you will find it hard to focus on anything else in your life. No matter what you are achieving in your career or studies, how many friends you’ve got, how good your relationship is with your family, if you are not having sex with women, if you are not having that area of your life fulfilled, it can just leave you with an empty feeling inside. You will continuously feel like something is just missing in you. You just can’t fill it up with anything else. No amount of hubbies, no amount of watching sports on TV or whatever can make this feeling of emptiness go away. If you don’t have women in your life, you are going to continuously feel somewhat unfulfilled. The worse thing is that it grinds you down until it begins to have adverse effect on other parts of your life. This is obviously not an ideal situation for any man.

how to pick up womenOn this site, you will find the very best tips and techniques to help you learn how to find, meet and seduce women with ease. It will provide you with a complete understanding of the psychology that enables the best pick up artists the world have ever known to gain massive and enviable success with women. Here, you will find real life tactics and conversation flow designed to make the process of approaching and getting girls a more predictable exercise.

Imagine having the know how to approach any girl that you find appealing in any situation, be it in a bar, on the street, in a coffee shop and starting an interaction with her and knowing exactly what to say to the woman and how to chat to a girl in such a way that she feels an overwhelming desire to get to know you better. Imagine being able to do all this on auto pilot without any approach anxiety or fear of not knowing what to say to get a woman interested in you. These are the kind of skills and knowledge that you will be able to acquire from visiting this website.
Welcome to, the site where you will find articles, videos, information and links to the best products relating to finding, attracting and seducing women. It does not matter what your skills level is, we aim to cater for all levels and styles.

How To Seduce Women

Knowing how to seduce women comes down to three things. One is being confident. Two is understanding how to approach women and opening up an interaction with them. Three is knowing how to lead that interaction from first meet to the outcome that you desire. So, those are the three basics skills that you need to execute in order to seduce a woman. Let’s take a closer look at these three elements of seduction.

If you want to learn how to seduce women, you must first of all develop your self-confidence. Confidence in a nutshell is not caring what anyone thinks about you, ever. It’s about knowing who you are and enjoying and loving yourself and never caring what anybody else has to say about you. That is easier said than done but when you discard a lot of the negative social conditionings that society has planted into our heads it is really easy to stop caring and start feeling confident. That is the first major skill that is required in order to start seducing women. Once you obtain that, you are pretty much there. Women will start approaching you when you have confidence.

Knowing How To Approach A Girl

A Lot of men have a fear of rejection. If you are a man with a fear of rejection, then you have to get rid of it very quickly otherwise you will not get very far trying to seduce women. You have to understand that rejection is just part of the game. There is no man alive that has a hundred percent record seducing women. Anyone that tells you otherwise is either trying to sell you something that doesn’t work or take away something valuable from you for nothing or both. The most successful pick up artists in the world get rejected more than anyone else, but you know what, they don’t let it affect their game because they know the score. Approaching women is something that can become anxiety free but to get there you need to make a habit of always pushing through your comfort zones. Make it a point to start approaching women on a regular basis because practice makes perfect.

Knowing How To Lead The Interaction

Have you ever noticed a guy approaching women like it is going out of fashion and yet never seems to get laid or he gets laid but not in proportion to the amount of work that he has to put in. Well, that guy is able to execute the first two elements of seduction but lacks any skill in the third. We are talking about the ability to lead the interaction with a woman in such a way that you achieve the outcome that you are looking for.
From the moment you approach a woman there is a structured process that will ensure smooth and efficient transition from the beginning to the end. These are known as the four pillars of seduction and come under four headings, opening, attraction, comfort and closing. If you want to become good at seducing women, you have to master the four pillars of seduction. These are simple, yet difficult to explain fully in one blog post.

How Do You approach A Woman?

The number one factor why many guys find it difficult to master how to pick up girls is approach anxiety. If you are terrified to approach women, there is no way that you will have the ability to attract one into your life. For that reason if you want to master how to pick up women, the number one thing that you have to master is fear of approach. In this particular article, I will provide tips and technique to help any guy overcome fear of approach once and for all and be at ease when it comes to approaching women.
The main reason why guys feel approach anxiety is that they care too much about the outcome. They dread being rejected and they place an excessive amount of importance on being accepted or rejected by women. The simple truth is that there are millions of women on this planet and getting turned down by one shouldn’t mean much. Especially so when the girl does not know much about you.
When you approach a girl and get turned down, it doesn’t mean that you are inadequate and it does not even mean that the woman didn’t like you. Do you know that many women will reject a man out of an auto-pilot response? Beautiful girls are usually so used to being approached by incompetent seducers on a daily basis that they generally presume that you are one of these guys.

The frame of mind that a man has when approaching a girl is very important. You should have a playful state of mind and focus on having a great time instead of concentrating your mind on how to get her into your bed. You must be more focused on enjoying the interaction rather than thinking about how gorgeous the girl is. When you have a playful mentality and your goal is to have fun, all of your approaches are going to be easier and you will be contented so long as you had pleasure in the process.

For many guys, defeating approach anxiety normally takes time and in many cases the only strategy to seriously eradicate it is by getting turned down so many times that you simply end up being numb to it. That is the most powerful way to get rid of approach anxiety when approaching women. I realize this may sound brutal, nonetheless that is the way it is. The more you get rejected, the less you will feel awful about it. When you have lived through it before, you will live through it all again. The biggest challenge with men is the fact that they dream and idolise the girls that they are about to approach long before they go up to the girl. They develop excessive expectancy and they psyche themselves into not even going up to woman as a consequence they don’t shatter their fantasy.

You need to have basically no expectancy before going up to a woman except that you are going to have fun and have a pleasant conversation. Secondly, you must never attribute a lot of importance to a girl by virtue of her physical appearance. Physiological beauty does not make her any better or worse than you.

You also have to realize that absolutely nothing terrible will happen to you when you approach a girl, irrespective of how well or bad the interaction goes. The worst thing that will happen is that the woman acts obnoxious or simply ignores you. Either way, you will live. Even when a girl doesn’t want you, she’ll usually be well-mannered about it. So do not make up nightmare scenarios in your head of the horrible things that can take place when you miss your approach, the outcome will normally be far better than what you have envisioned.

How To Talk To Women – What To Say To Pick Up Women

What are best topics to talk to girls about? What would interest a woman and make her enjoy a conversation with you and most importantly make her want to see you again? Are there topics that should be avoided when talking to a girl that you are trying to seduce? What is the best way to make a conversation with a woman interesting? What subjects and topics should be avoided in conversation with a potential playmate? These are questions that men ask themselves all the time and find it difficult to get the right answers.

Keeping a conversation going with a woman that you just met is not as complicated and difficult as most guys make it out to be. The first place to start is to make small talk. You know, the kind of things that you will say to anybody irrespective of whether you have designs of a sexual encounter with them or not. If you keep quiet and do not open your mouth, then the girl that you are interested in will never know what you sound like and you will not have the opportunity to develop any kind of situation with her. You will never get to know someone if you fail to talk to them. By initiating small talk you will give yourself a chance to talk about deeper and more personal items.

Ones you get past small talk and move into deeper conversation here are some of the topics that can keep the conversation alive and kicking in many situations:
Hobbies and Pastimes

It should always be a good idea to talk about one another’s hobbies and interests. There are times when you share the same interests and this would make your conversation more interesting. It is also through this topic that you are able to determine your similarities and differences.
Popular news and celebrity gossip

Although talking about other people whom you both know is not a good idea, it would be nice to talk about the latest social news and gossips about celebrities, fashion and other current events. This would show if you are concerned with things around your community. It is important, though, not to go overboard. If you talk too much about fashion and showbiz, she could start to think that you are gay or that you are just good for friendship and nothing else.
Food and eating out

Food is always an interesting topic to talk about not only with girls but with other people in general. As a result, it is always safe to talk about food, restaurants, cooking, pastries and other related topics. You will surely enjoy talking about food especially if there are common foods that you both enjoy. Eating out is also a great idea for day 2 although a lot of people in the seduction community frown against the idea. However, there is nothing wrong with talking about an excellent restaurant that both of you might have a chance to visit together someday. This is known as future projection in pick up.
Books and Magazines

Not everyone likes to read. However, a lot of women do and if you are able to find out what kinds of topics interests your desired woman, it can be a great topic for conversation that could lead to establishing commonalities. You can also share stories about books that both or either of you have read in the past. Asking to borrow one of her books that she talked about can be a good way to guarantee a second meet.